Cayman Gets to Grips with Organic Farming

BY Ivy Bisic | October 4

For the Periwinkle Team, organic farming is a focus point – the blooming of Cayman’s local and organic farming is truly exciting for people who like to support the local economy and live as sustainably as possible. New businesses such as the Life Managed Group, which owns the Backyard Farmer Seasonal Delights Brands have embraced organic farming and the creation of organic local products such as soaps and spa products. The local supermarkets are now adorned with locally grown food from Island Fresh etc and the new Farmers market location at the cricket ground ensures fresh produce is always available for those wanting that local touch.They can also buy organic farmed plants from garden center san Diego ca to.

For Periwinkle Residents, a farm to table delivery programme will be one of the many added benefits of living in this community focused development.Every house has professional house cleaning maids to take care of your in house cleaning.

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