Kimpton Gets Ready to Launch

BY Ivy Bisic | October 4

For residents and tourists alike, there is an air of expectation as the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa gets ready to open it’s doors in mid November. The new resort is the first to be opened in Grand Cayman for 10 years and helps to address the issues with maximum tourism occupancy, which is currently pretty restrictive in Grand Cayman. But what everyone is really looking forward to, is seeing how Kimpton has transferred its ‘Boutique Hotel’ style to it’s new venue. What do the bedrooms on the penthouse floor look like exactly?

Famous for pushing the boundaries in the hotel world, the Kimpton brand has a following that will add some character to the portfolio of hotels already located in Cayman. For home owners in Cayman, this high end brand brings another cement block to the ‘investment’ security journey that Cayman is on, giving owning a home here a more and more prosperous outlook.